Since last year we saw an increase in the number of users migrating their websites from Wix to WordPress. In addition, our support team has reported a breaking number of inquiries since the start of January 2022, all asking questions about how to transfer a Wix site to WordPress.

You will read on many other WordPress hosting providers and blogs about how to shift your Wix site content to WordPress manually. However, we are not going to do that. 


CMS2CMS will show you how to automatically transfer your Wix website pages, posts, tags, comments, metadata, and media files and data to WordPress with just a few clicks.


Before you say goodbye to Wix

  • First, visit our page Wix to WordPress and go over what data can automatically be migrated to your new WordPress website.
  • Make sure your Wix website is live. You should keep your Wix site live and publicly visible online for our Migration Wizard to access the data.
  • Set up your WordPress staging website or use our CMS2CMS WordPress test site as your target destination website.

Read more about source and target websites in our Ultimate Website Migration Guide.

How much will it cost me to shift my Wix website to WordPress?

This is a great question! To get an accurate quote, simply run our Free Demo Migration. CMS2CMS Data Migration Wizard will calculate your migration price based on the amount of data and your migration preferences.

To start, register an account at Then follow the steps, and you will see your free demo migration in just a few minutes:

Step 1: Provide your Wix URL and WordPress URL (or use our test site)

Step 2: Select your mapping settings

Step 3: Review your Free Limited Demo Migration site

Step 4: Purchase a full migration to complete the full website migration.

Will my Wix design convert to WordPress?

Well, design and page templates will not move across to your new WordPress site as this would be considered a copyright infringement. Wix website templates and designs are their intellectual property.

However, you are free to install and use any WordPress theme and style your new site’s pages and posts.

Can I switch my Wix apps to WordPress ones?

While CMS2CMS does not support e-Commerce and other special Wix apps, you can have all of these set up once your new website migration is done. WordPress has many plugins that can easily replace Wix’s apps and provide the same functionality.

How do I point my domain to my new WordPress site?

You will need to change your DNS records, pointing to your new website hosting server. It is best to contact your hosting provider and consult with them before unpublishing your Wix site. This is to avoid any downtime to your website.

If you purchased your domain from Wix follow their article explaining how to Connect a Wix Domain to an External Site. You can also transfer your domain from one provider to another.


Unlike other blogs and articles, we won’t say that switching your website from Wix to WordPress is difficult and challenging because we offer an automated tool to do the heaving lifting for you and save hours of manual labor and hard work.
If you have other questions on how to move a Wix website to WordPress don’t hesitate to contact CMS2CMS support team and check our Knowledge Base Help & Documentation.