best cms and forums

Best CMS and Forum Platforms in 2019

Like a product needs client, your business has to be equipped with a website. Here's a collection of the most popular CMS and forum boards for 2019.
wix vs. wordpress

Wix vs. WordPress: The Key Differences [Infographic]

Wix vs. WordPress comparison really makes you think what's better for your website. Explore their pros and cons and make your decision!
breaking up with wix

5 Reasons For Breaking Up With Wix

The reasons for breaking up with Wix are not always obvious but they can affect the following growth of your website. Here are 5 facts for doing this step.
reject using Wix

Why You Should Decisively Reject Using Wix

Launching a great site is more than just adding a few elements to the page and letting it go. So, here are top reasons why you should reject using Wix.
wordpress alternatives

Is There a Life Outside WordPress? 5 Alternatives to Use in 2018

What else if not WordPress? This is such a common question in the CMS world, that we've prepared an article about top 5 WordPress alternatives to use.
The Ultimate Guide To CMS Migration [+Video]

The Ultimate Guide To CMS Migration [+Video]

Thinking of conducting a CMS migration? Make use of this guide supported with video tutorial and move your website to new CMS platform.
CMS Platforms for Blogging

Top 8 Most Popular CMS Platforms for Blogging

There is a vast amount of CMS platforms which makes it hard to choose the right one. Find out the best CMS platforms for blogging in 2017.
Wix to WordPress Plugin

Wix to WordPress Migration Plugin: In-depth Review

Find out all the peculiarities of the Wix to WordPress migration with the help of CMS2CMS plugin. Discover the in-depth review of the platforms switch.

Why and How: The ABCs of WiX to WordPress Website Migration [+Video]

It is possible for you to migrate WiX to WordPress. Just follow this easy step-by-step instruction to do it right.
Import Your Wix to WordPress in a Blink of Eyes

Import Your Wix to WordPress in a Blink of Eyes

The article specifies the key differences between Wix and WordPress. Keep reading to find out the most user-friendly way of migration from Wix to WordPress.

WordPress vs WiX. The W of Discord

WordPress and WiX. So different, but... so similar since used by lots of users for different purposes.Could we consider WordPress vs WiX possibility?

What CMSs Are Migrated Most Often And Why [Top 5 + 5 Reasons]

How is that possible for popular CMSs to be migrated and why? Kind of dilemma. Right?

Wix to WP Migration: 6 Mistakes That 99% of Website Owners Face

CMS migration - this could be a headache and other kinds of “aches” for web-site owners. Have you been wondering...

How Much Does It Cost to Run WordPress, Joomla, and Wix? [Infographics]

Three great CMSs: WordPress, Joomla, and Wix. Three great options that provide a room for superb creative opportunities and, of course...

How to Give Your CMS A Boost by 2017? You Tell Us [Quick Poll]

Imagine you could climb into a time machine for one moment and set it for 2017. What CMS pain points would you get rid of first?

What Wix Lacks Most Is What WordPress Triumphs In

Remember “the template”? This is one of the worst things we could open this post with, mostly because, as a Wix user, you cannot forget the issue...

Exceed Wix to WordPress Migration Limits With CMS2CMS

To enhance the experience of our lovable users, CMS2CMS team has perfectionated its Wix to WordPress Migration.

Improved Wix to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal Migration

Keep tuned about the latest CMS2CMS migration improvements