How to Avoid Spam User Registration in WordPress

How to Avoid Spam User Registration in WordPress

With plenty of website owners choosing WordPress to create their business websites on, there have been countless instances of spammers.
Meet Claire Brotherton, An Avid WordPress Designer & Developer

Meet Claire Brotherton, An Avid WordPress Designer & Developer

Claire Brotherton is an enthusiastic WordPress designer & developer. She shares lots of helpful thoughts for you to learn and grow.
6 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your CMS

6 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your CMS

Do not miss the opportunity to reach the maximum potential of your website! Keeping the CMS software up to date is the first step to successful website.
Joomla 3.7 Release: Experts’ Insights

Joomla 3.7 Release: Experts’ Insights

Recently Joomla 3.7 version has been released. We have asked Joomla experts about their thoughts and impressions concerning Joomla 3.7 release.
Content Audit and Retention Tips During Content Migration

Content Audit and Retention Tips During Content Migration

Find out all the necessary tips and tricks of the content audit and retention during content migration. Also learn how to flawlessly migrate website.

Blogging Born Anew. How To Boost The Outcome? [Experts’ Tips]

Want to start even more catchy blog right away? Consider blogging experts' tips on how to deal with the content and everything effectively.

CMS In 2017. What It Will Be Like ? [Experts’ Insights]

It's the right time to sum up 2016 and start planning great future with predicting CMSs in 2017. Get precise forecasts from great CMS experts.

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“WordPress Does Amazing Things” – Interview with Robby McCullough

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“I Saw WordPress as an Outlet for My Entrepreneurial Goals” – Interview with Josh Pollock

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“Be Careful About the Plugins…” – Interview with Àngel Ayach

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16 CMS Migration Trends & Predictions For 2016 & Beyond

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“WordPress Will Change Your Life If You Let It” – Interview with Alex Vasquez

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