Life Without WordPress

CMS Digest: Life Without WordPress Exist

Sometimes it's seem that WP is the only platform on the market. Read CMS Digest and find out that life without WordPress does exist.
florin muresan

Interview with Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly

We’re excited to introduce you to Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly, an expert at validating startup ideas and products on the market, SEO and Content Marketing.
earn online in 2020

CMS Digest: Earn Money Online in 2020

Quarantine had affected our profit. In this CMS Digest we dwell on the most popular ways to earn online in 2020. You will find a fresh ideas, for sure!
free website builders

12 Best Free Website Builders of 2020

Looking for a free website builder to start your website? That article is right for you! Compare the pros and cons of 12 great builders and select the best!
website security cms digest

CMS Digest: How website security works in 2020

Hello fresh CMS Digest! It's time to speak about website security: why it's so important, how it works in 2020 and many more security related points.
affiliate program

CMS2CMS Presents Programs for Partners and Affiliates

CMS2CMS makes an offer you cannot decline! Become our partner or join the affiliate program to make money and open new perspectives for your business!
cms digest may

CMS Digest: In 2020 Website Design Matters a Lot

Althought content is a King, good looking website design is like a Crown. This CMS Digest is devoted to trendy, fresh and functional web design ideas.
post quarantine business management

CMS Digest: Running a Business During and After Quarantine Time

Running a business in post quarantine time would require a number of changes, and it's undoubtful. Find out fresh ideas for your site in CMS April Digest.

Migration to WordPress with CMS2CMS is Getting Easier and Easier!

Migrating to WordPress became much easier! Now to perform it you don't even have to leave the migration page to go to your admin panel!

WordPress Blog: Best Plugins and the Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a list of useful plugins and the maintenance checklist to keep your blog in pretty sharp and working order! Also, check the way to migrate your blog!
why use wordpress

13 reasons why WordPress should be your first choice CMS

Why everyone love WordPress that much? What is that special about it? Check this article to get to know 13 reasons why you should use WordPress!

Migrate to – Take Your Website to a New Level!

Let's check out how migrate to in a few clicks! CMS2CMS is an awesome tool. Using it you can perform the migration in a few clicks!

CMS Digest: How to create a website

In this article, you can learn how to create a website from scratch!

Review of the Best AMP WordPress Plugins

If you haven't installed an AMP plugin, waste no more time. AMP optimization is crucial for your website to climb up the charts and drive more traffic.
quarantine saving

Quarantine Saving Up to 25% – We Won’t Let Any Viruses Stop Your Growth

As far as all the businesses turn to online mode, quarantine period is a perfect time to boost website power. Moreover when you have a chance to save money! Migration is Fully Supported by CMS2CMS! migration is fully supported by CMS2CMS! Check what exactly you can transfer!

7 Most Working SEO Strategies For Your WordPress Blog In 2020

There are many tactics, but some are more impactful than others. Here we'll show you seven top-performing SEO strategies for your WordPress blog in 2020. 
Migrate from Classic Google Sites

Let Your Website Grow Bigger: Migrate from Classic Google Sites with CMS2CMS!

Great news from CMS2CMS. From now on, migrate from Classic Google Sites to a better and more powerful CMS in a fully automated way!