You’re Four Simple Steps Away From
migrating your website to a new platform.


Here’s What We’re Doing. And How We’re Doing It.


Migrate any website
that has a CMS or does not (html).

Website data migration starts small. Simply provide your existing and new sites details if you know them:

Select your current CMS / forum system if you have one

Submit your website address.

If you haven’t installed the new destination platform yet, CMS2CMS has a solution for you. You can test the migration process using our test website. FREE. This way, you can evaluate both: the platform and the migration work.

Migrate any website
Set up your migration easily, with peace of mind.

Set up your migration easily, with peace of mind.

Once we know your target system, for example, WordPress – information about your existing and new websites – we establish a connection between the two platform using our proprietary Connection Bridge. This is a special access gateway for safe and fast data transfer. In plain words, this is the file that should be uploaded to the root directory of your website. After that, you may map out your website entities and select additional super useful options for even more accurate data migration.


Ensure CMS2CMS works efficiently, effectively.

With our Demo Migration, you get the chance to test how our service works in action. You can transfer up to 10 content pages and their related entities (categories, users, images, etc.) to your new website for free. Here are just a few of things you’ll certainly enjoy:

Select the entities you’ wish to migrate.

Get your website data mapped.

Further Migration Options available.

Ensure CMS2CMS works efficiently, effectively
Hit the road!

Hit the road!

Once you’ve tried our AI Enhanced demo migration, complete it. Enjoy managing your content on a new CMS. All of it. We want you to have the simplest, easiest migration experience possible.

Use Cms2cms To Transfer All Of Your Data Automatically!

Website migrations are hard enough by default! And there’s no need to make them harder by doing all the work by your self .

Start demo migration right now!
It’s free!



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