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Automated Content Migration

CMS2CMS takes over all the monotonous ‘copy-pasting’ work and move website content to the new CMS solution. Forget about hours of manual work, cause in about a few minutes you will see your website up and running on a better CMS platform.

  • Not sure about the migration? – We offer you to run Free Demo migration and preview the result.
  • Don’t have a new CMS installed yet? – Try the migration to our test site.
  • Want some special settings for content displaying on a new platform? – Map the content and choose how this or that entities have to be migrated.


Fully Assisted Migration 

We know – you have a personal wish list for how and what data should be migrated. That’s why we offer an individual service with dedicated technical support and adapted migration maintenance. Let us take proper care of your website data transfer. Just inform us about your needs and our techies will do everything instead of you.

Do the Migration for Me

Customized Website Design

Website’s design is virtually 50% of its success. That’s why CMS2CMS offers an all-in-one solution: perform the migration to WordPress and order design customization you need, starting form plugin installation and finishing with creating a brand-new template. Let our managers know what exactly you wish and we will do our best.

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Migration Insurance Service

Sometimes it happens that new content is added to the website after its migration to new CMS. In this case, CMS2CMS service offers you to repeat the migration process without wasting additional cost. All you have to do is to choose one of the Migration Insurance Plans on migration Wizard. This way, you will save your time and money investments, and stay calm despite the unpredictable circumstances.

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Migration Price Estimator

CMS2CMS doesn’t set the exact price for its services, you will pay solely for the work done. There’s Migration Price Estimator which lets you calculate the approximate price for content transfer. Enter the number of entities you are migrating from one CMS to another and preview what the price would be.

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