The challenge of moving your website to a new Content Management System is learning how to use it. Specifically when you decide to take that challenge into your own hands and do it yourself.

With CMS2CMS, you can easily and quickly migrate and transfer your website content, pages, posts, images, and other media files onto your new WordPress CMS platform. Now you want to add your creative touch and design the site.

To help you, we listed below the best WordPress Video Tutorial Channels on YouTube to help you learn and assist with your new WordPress website setup.

Kori Ashton - YouTube Channel - How to build your own WordPress website.

Kori Ashton

Each Wednesday, Kori releases a new video, tips, and step-by-step instructions on how to improve your WordPress website. Kori has over 47,000, be sure to check out her WordPress For Beginners playlist, where Kori takes you through everything you need to know for setting up your WordPress website.

Martie will teach you how to build a WordPress website.

Let’s Build WordPress

Martie will teach you how to set up, manage and edit your WordPress website. Martie has over 31,000 subscribers and 3.8 million video views and has been creating video tutorials since 2013. Let’s Build WordPress video tutorials are straightforward to follow.

Leverage WordPress - WordPress easy for entrepreneurs

Leverage WordPress

Gregg Davis makes WordPress easy for entrepreneurs. His channel is a resource for WordPress lessons and best practices. Gregg also developed The Complete WordPress Website Business Course on Udemy. Check out Gregg’s video ‘Twenty Twenty-Two theme in detail and how to use the Full Site Editing.’

Ferdy Korpershoek channel is all about helping you make a WordPress website.

Ferdy Korpershoek

Fredy has been building websites since 1999. He has nearly 26M video views and 270,000 subscribers. His channel covers topics on building sites and how to make your website performance better. Also, check Fredy’s Full Site Editing Tutorial.

Learn Website Development with LearnWebCode YouTube Channel


LearnWebCode makes videos about CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, and cats.

Brad Schiff is a front-end developer, designer, and educator who has been building user interfaces for over a decade. Brad’s video tutorials are more directed to web developers or anyone who wants a deeper dive into WordPress and extend their technical knowledge.WordPress Block Themes And Full Site Editing: Explanation for Developers.

Other How-To WordPress Recommended Videos To Watch


Many great free and available guided tutorials can easily teach you how to set up and manage your WordPress website independently without needing any technical skills. The best thing you can do is plan your website migration and transformation onto your new CMS platform. 

And remember, you can quickly check out WordPress for free using CMS2CMS Automated Website Data Migration Wizard. So, migrate to our free demo test site now.