Moving your website from Wix to WordPress has never been easier. Now with the new cms2cms Wix AI migration option, you can migrate your Wix site content to WordPress with little friction. This new cms2cms migration feature, developed by the aisite website migration expert team, successfully manages to extract content data on a much deeper level.

What can be expected from the new AI migration product?

cms2cms CEO, Benjamin Goldhammer, said, “Website owners currently lack the freedom to ‘easily’ shift their websites from one platform to another without needing to spend days manually moving their data. Our mission is to provide cost-effective website migration solutions that solve this frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive task.”

cms2cms and the website migration expert team began rolling out the new AI migration product suite earlier this year. So far, we have released two beta products: HTML AI migration and Wix AI Migration.

The Wix AI migration solution will be rolled out in a series of releases. This first release addresses Wix web elements targeting:

  • Pages – Standard text – Video and interactive content elements such as accordion boxes and tabs are not included in this release.
  • Single Post Pages –  Standard text and images only.
  • Single Images
  • Wix Pro Gallery – static images (not including video or mesh media).
  • Wix Matrix Galleries
  • Wix Pro Gallery Sliders – static images (not including video or mesh media).
  • Wix Image Sliders
  • Wix Page Title
  • Wix Site name
  • Wix Page URL
  • Wix Standard Meta Title (not including Wix’s latest SEO release)
  • Wix Standard Meta description  (not including Wix’s latest SEO release)

The next release, scheduled for November, will complete the Blog content data migration. This release will include Taxonomy migration. When released, our cms2cms users will be able to comfortably migrate their blog posts, categories, and tabs from Wix to WordPress.

cms2cms is set to expand the new AI method migration addressing the market’s demands. 

Which sites are best suited for our first Wix AI migration release?

For best results, the cms2cms support team recommends migrating small to medium-sized profile websites. Websites that have 3 – 30 pages/posts and that don’t contain many video media elements.

Having said that, we’ll keep rolling out new features to support bigger and more complex website migrations.

For more information about the Wix AI migration, please visit our FAQs or contact our support team.

Everything was super easy, simple, and done for you.
I will definitely be coming back to transfer my other sites too, when ready!

Joshua B