The new CMS2CMS AI Website Migration is a new method to migrate content and data from one CMS/Website Builder platform to another. Similar to the Classic CMS2CMS migration, a user will follow the same 4 steps in the migration wizard.

Or BETA version was released first to migrate HTML websites onto our supported CMS systems.
What is currently supported:

  • Static content: titles and paragraphs.
  • Single static Images
  • Page titles
  • SEO metadata

Next release:

Wix to WordPress AI Migration – BETA version 0.1 – the CMS2CMS and Aisite teams released the new Wix to WordPress AI migration. A series of releases are scheduled for Q4-2022, with the first release deployed on 15 September 2022.

AI vs. Classic migration

Migrating website data using Artificial Intelligence enhanced techniques helps improve the migration results. With this new data extraction method, the CMS2CMS app will significantly reduce the time spent on converting a website to a new CMS platform.

Our data migration experts developed an enhanced method allowing our automated migration system to expand the migration mapping options in the future.