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Who can be partners?

CMS Platform Vendors

Offer your clients a convenient tool to migrate to your CMS platform in a quick and effortless way

Web Design & Development Agencies

Upgrade your business with data migration tool from 40+ platforms to the CMSs you work with

Website Hosting Companies

Gain a competitive advantage and win more clients with an automated CMS data migration service


Extend a range of services you provide and win more clients with an automated CMS data migration solution

Why become a partner?


Add value to your services

Attract new customers

Grow your income

Save time and human resources

Beat your competition

Receive high priority 24/7 support

Partner Program Pricing


Get generous discounts for automated migrations as a CMS2CMS partner

Migrations PerformedDiscount
2 migrations10%
5 migrations15%
10 migrations20%
15 migrations30%
20 migrations50%


How to get started?

Submit request

Get your discount

Make money

Earn 20% commissions with Affiliate Program


To become a partner, submit Partner Request Form. You will get contacted by our Partner Manager to discuss all the details and receive your discount for automated migrations.
To get your 10% discount it’s enough to perform only one full migration. The prices for the next migrations will be calculated with your discount automatically. You will be able to see the value of your discount in your partner account.
Your Partner Manager will help you to become an Expert in automated data migrations, to successfully grow your business and serve your clients. Partner Manager will keep you updated with all the news and upgrades of CMS2CMS service and answer your questions.

Joining CMS2CMS Partner Program is completely free. Register now.
CMS2CMS provides partners with generous discounts for migrations. You can use discounts to perform migrations and define the price for your clients by yourself. The more migrations you do – the bigger discount is and the bigger are your earnings.

CMS2CMS has the following advantages:

  • high speed and quality of data transfer
  • 40+ supported CMS & Forum platforms
  • the widest range of entities supported
  • migration insurance
  • free trial available
  • 24/7 chat support

Let’s build a business partnership that lasts


Partner programs provide businesses with a vast amount of opportunities, such as increased revenue, indirect sales channel, product or service improvements, etc. All these benefits can be gained by joining CMS2CMS Partner Program.

In this white paper you will find out about:

  • CMS2CMS Partner Program benefits;
  • How to establish partnership with CMS2CMS;
  • Peculiarities of CMS2CMS Partner Program;
  • Peculiarities of CMS2CMS Affiliate Program.

Ready to benefit from CMS2CMS Partner Program?

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