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Use CMS2CMS and move content to a platform with cool performance in a handful of mouse clicks



Finest Migration Quality

Finest Migration Quality

Website or forum migration process is 100% automated and does not require copy pasting. We support the migration of a great entities range between different CMS platforms.

High Speed of Data Transfer

High Speed of Data Transfer

We appreciate your time, that’s why on average, a full-scale CMS migration is a matter of a few minutes.

Migration Insurance

Migration Insurance

Once something went wrong during the migration, you can easily restart the process avoiding additional cost and time waste.

Free Demo Available

Free Demo Available

In order to see how our service works, we offer you to run Free Trial and move some content to new platform free of charge.

Design Customization

Design Customization

We can set up the template of your newly migrated website according to your needs.

Migration to CMS2CMS Test Site Available

Migration to CMS2CMS Test Site Available

In case, you haven’t decided what platform would suit you best, we can create a test site for you to try on different CMS options.

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Use the Pricing Estimator to measure the cost of your website migration with CMS2CMS. Just provide the data transfer details (CMS types and the amount of entities to be migrated) in the matching fields and you will instantly receive the approximate price.

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* The price of the full migration may change according to the number of entities

Website Design Customization

Get an all-in-one WordPress migration service, which includes content migration to WordPress and Design Customization as well. Just choose a suitable Design Customization Package that meets all your needs regarding the website design, and take a full-fledged solution right in one place.

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Data Migration Packages

Need some custom migration edits or just don’t have time to take care of it by yourself? Order one of the Data Migration Packages and CMS2CMS technicians will take care of the transfer. All your wishes will be discussed!

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What Is Website Migration?

CMS migration is a transfer of website or forum content to a new better Content Management System (CMS) or website builder. Most of the time migrations are made to a better performing or cheaper platform.

How To Convert Website To New Platform?

There are three ways to convert website to any other CMS. Hire a developer and let him do his job for a week or two. DIY method implies making the database dump, setting up redirects, building sitemap and doing the rest of dirty work. Or use web services like CMS2CMS and get it done in minutes.

How Much Data Transfer To A New Platform Cost?

It all depends on the size of a website or forum board. Content migration itself can cost 50$ and up to 1,000$ for huge websites or forums. However, beyond all the content there’s SEO fallbacks to be aware of, protocol changes, javascripts and so on. So when migrating website on your own, be aware of that and remember that you time isn’t free.