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WiX and WordPress are considered to be the most user-friendly CMS platforms. But many people don’t know which one to choose and which will suit their needs. So, let’s analyze both these platforms to find out which one is better for you. And in case you already have a WiX website and it isn’t good enough for you, you’ll see how to migrate Wix to WordPress with your current site design!

What You Should Know about WiX?

WiX is a free website building tool that doesn’t require any coding skills. All the management actions are run within the drag-and-drop dashboard. But nevertheless, WiX doesn’t allow you to alter the website HTML or CSS codes and as a result, you can’t make any design modifications. Although WiX supports its users with a great collection of templates, you should be careful when choosing one because once you opt for a template for your site there wouldn’t be a way back, you won’t be able to change it to another without losing all the data.

Characteristics of WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system which in contrast to WiX, requires some coding skills but it enables you to create your own, unique website design. It should be mentioned that it is very easy to work with WordPress and even a schoolboy can handle its coding system. This CMS platform allows you to customize a website according to your needs and demands. Moreover, WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly CMS platforms on the internet. Also, it provides the possibility to install many different plugins!

Make a Choice

So, WiX can be an alternative platform in case you are looking for a no-coding solution. But if you want your website to have a more professional look and rich function system then WordPress suits you best. In case you have started your website with WiX and now you would like to have a site built on WordPress platform, don’t worry there is no need to create a website from scratch. You can easily migrate WiX to WordPress. CMS2CMS service will move your content in an automated way. In other words, you have to follow an easy step-by-step instruction in order to complete the WiX migration in a few minutes.

How to Migrate WiX to WordPress

1. Register your CMS2CMS account

Create a new one or sign in via Facebook or Google.


2. Select current CMS and its URL

You have to identify your Existing site info, and then Press the ‘Verify Connection’ button.


3. Enter your new CMS info

Select WordPress, provide its URL and press ‘Install Connector Plugin’. In case you don’t have a new WP site yet, you can choose ‘Migrate to Our Test Site’ option. You will be able to check its approximate appearance and observe the functionality. After that, verify the connection again.



4. Press ‘Install Now’



5. Activate it

You will be redirected to your WordPress admin panel page. Activate Plugin.




6. Press’CMS2CMS Connector’ like it is shown on the screen below.



7. Connection

Sign In here again. Press ‘Continue’ and then the ‘Proceed’ button.




8. Verify Connection

Press the ‘Continue’ button and ‘Verify Connection’ again.




9. Set Up Free Demo Migration

Please, select the Entities you want to migrate and Additional options. Don’t be afraid of the prices – Demo Migration is totally Free. The prices just are added for you to be aware of the approximate cost of Full Migration.




10. Check the results

This table includes Clickable links. On the left side – your previous site categories. On the right side – the new one – the same categories on WordPress. Remember that it’s an approximate appearance. After Full migration, you’ll be able to select one of the WP beautiful themes. Also, at this step, you can observe the new CMSs functionality and then rate the results 😉




In case you are satisfied with the results you can add or delete Entities, Insurance and start Full Website Migration. 

(Note that migration time depends on the amount of the content you’re up to move to a new website)



By the way, in case you are moving to a WP, you can ORDER DESIGN transferring too! (After performing Full migration)

So, in case you want to migrate WiX to WordPress – you are surely in the right place. Try a free Demo Migration right now and breathe the New Life into your Website!  😉😉😉

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