If you’re currently searching for a CMS solution to settle your web project on – you’re likely in the process of reviewing a long list of candidates, reading analyst reviews and comparing features of different options. In case you’ve narrowed the list down to Ektron vs WordPress and find it difficult to make a decision between them – you’ve landed on the right post.

Ektron and WordPress are both powerful and mature software packages that provide great foundation for building eye-catching and professionally-looking websites. Each CMS comes with its own share of good and bad points, thus making the selection process even more difficult. Take your time to read the post and pick the right CMS for your web project.


Powering more than 4,000 global organizations, Ektron is currently listed as one of the leading providers of quality web development services to customers. The platform offers its users a cutting edge software solution that gives them a number of ways to create and manage their website and all the tools they need to make that business run successfully. Major brands and companies have chosen this software due to the numerous benefits that it offers:

  • Ektron offers its users what they call alternately “the world’s best” and “the world’s easiest-to-use” WYSIWYG content editor. No matter you know programming languages or are a total non-tech savvy, this editor makes is possible to update your website anytime and anywhere.
  • Ektron CMS mobilizes your website so that it can look properly on all channels, namely smartphones and tablets. The media manager provides a built-in WURFL Device Description Repository that detects the device, screen size, and capacity before automatically adapting, resizing, and/or swapping images.
  • Ektron CMS makes your website search engine friendly allowing the leading search engines index your website and you don’t need to edit or change HTML codes of the site for that.

Overall, if you want a powerful and complete business solution – then Ektron is the one of the answers to your business needs. Due to the fact that Ektron targets mostly enterprise-scale, global companies, it becomes obvious why Ektron to WordPress migration trend is increasing over the last time.


WordPress, contrastingly, bills itself as the most user-oriented and multifunctional platform out there capable to fulfill even the most forward-thinking expectations of individual users and large companies as well. The following are the issues where WordPress has an edge over Ektron:

  1. wordpress-cmsPowering more than 80 millions of websites at the web, WordPress is the most popular and talked-about CMS in the world.
  2. Because, the product is open-source – there are no costs associated with downloading, installing, and upgrading the WordPress CMS.
  3. With a gazillion of plugins (about 20.000) that WordPress comes loaded with, it is possible to expand the core functionality of the platform as needed.
  4. Serving a good option for both non-coders and experts alike, WordPress is often treated as one-size-fits-all solution.  
  5. Provides great search engine visibility that helps drive more traffic to a web project, WordPress is another explanation to website SEO.

Conclusion: Ektron vs WordPress

What this all boils down is that which software will suit you better depends mostly on your expertize and the goals you are willing to achieve with your web project. Ektron and WordPress are both very capable and successful software packages if used in the right context. Therefore, take your time to carefully examine all above-mentioned issues and make the choice that suits your website needs perfectly.

WordPress sounds like a perfect option for you? CMS2CMS automated migration service aims to put your mind at ease and make your migration a smooth sailing. Do bear in mind that no technical background and extra software installations are required to work with the tool. For you to see how simple it is to convert Ektron to WordPress – Demo migration is strongly recommended to run.