MediaWiki to WordPress: All the Way Migration [Infographic]
MediaWiki to WordPress: All the Way Migration [Infographic]

MediaWiki to WordPress: All the Way Migration [Infographic]

It’s considered that the golden mean of site building utility is the combination of comprehensible functionality and powerful site performance. However, you might admit that this golden mean differs for a programmer and non-techie user. While the former may write a code or activate this or that module/plugin/extension in a blink of an eye, more probably the letter will spend more time and nerves for installation in case of complicated using complex CMS.

So, MediaWiki and WordPress are the website builders of various assignments. Both of them have some peculiar features and purposes specific to each of them separately. We have already discussed all the distinctive characteristics of MediaWiki and WordPress in our recent post. But, to synthesize them in more comprehensive and convenient way, you are welcome to check up the infographic below. Also, you’ll get all the crucial actions for MediaWiki to WordPress migration.

Summing up, now you know all the information on how to migrate your MediaWiki to WordPress simply and with no hassles at all. Thus, if your initial choice of site building tool was a mistake, you may alway try the automated Demo Migration preview to see how it’s easy to import all your MediaWiki content to WordPress.

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