Learn from the mistakes of those who have migrated before you, and migrated unwisely.

Don’t do what whatever someone did. That’s just quality life advice in general. But the more specific advice to take, is that if you can’t proceed the convert by yourself (maybe because programming didn’t bestow that gift upon you, or maybe you don’t have the will to work hard to develop coding skills) — then don’t.

Starting off obviously here. With innovations accelerating, it has become a common thing to build websites on a CMS. Though, as competition arises, there appears a necessity to migrate to a better web option. By which we mean two things. Foremost, don’t forget to give it as much attention as the rest of your web project. But also: don’t do the same mistakes which have been made before you. Look at 4 gigantic convert pitfalls in the infographic below and decide to take a lesson, or just ignore them. If you want to do wrong, then go for it. Agreed? We hope so. 😉


If you have any questions concerning CMS migration, ask them in the comment section below.

Finally, test out the CMS you’ve always wanted.