Movable Type to WordPress. Means and Reasons
Movable Type to WordPress. Means and Reasons

Movable Type to WordPress. Means and Reasons

With the recent advances in CMS sphere, there are many software available in the market today that make creating a basic to a high-end website very easy. For those who have narrowed the list down to Movable Type and WordPress and are having a hard time choosing between them – this post is going to be extremely useful.

Movable Type and WordPress are both powerful blogging platforms that have a lot in common. Both are easy to use, even easier to customize, and able to create a full-blown website up and running in just a few minutes. Let’s delve in deeply into those distinctive features that set Movable type and WordPress apart.

why-choose-movable-type Cost

Movable Type has two pricing plans: Pro and Enterprise. The first one is suitable for small and mid-sized companies, while the second one can be used for huge structures. WordPress, contrastingly, is totally free of cost, which means that the budget issue is out of the window.


WordPress boasts of its super-easy “five-minute installation” – if done right, it usually takes no more than five minutes. Movable Type doesn’t make the same five minute claim, but it’s still quite an easy process, if everything goes smoothly.

Ease of Use

Both solutions provide basically the same set of features, with a few pros and cons here and there. Movable Type is considered to be a bit better designed and easier to use. However, WordPress offers some features aiming to make content management significantly easier   (e.g. WYSIWYG editor).



If some basic customization is required – WordPress is the way to go. But if you’re going to do more complicated stuff  – Movable Type is better suited for the task.


Movable Type has a robust, ticketed support system for you to get excellent help. WordPress is an open-source project with no support staff to answer your questions at all hours – however, its active support forum provides a welcoming place to go in case something goes wrong.


There’s a vast array of plugins available for either Movable Type or WordPress aiming the software do what you want to do. However, due to the fact that WordPress is open-source, it is more attractive for programmers and therefore, it’s much easier to find that plugin for WordPress.

A Word of Warning

At some point in the development path, WordPress and Movable Type presented serious competition to each other. However, due to the licensing problems encountered in Movable Type, the software has failed to keep its fast-moving pace and nowadays finds it hard to compete with WordPress. WordPress, contrastingly, encountered an unbelievable increase in its popularity and for millions of users has become a default choice when creating a website.

Does WordPress sound like a perfect solution for your current web project? If migration from Movable Type to WordPress is exactly the thing that keeps you off the “Go” button – give a try to CMS2CMS service to get the job done absolutely hands-off.

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