Wild Wild Web: ExpressionEngine vs. WordPress [+Infographic] - CMS2CMS
Wild Wild Web: ExpressionEngine vs. WordPress [+Infographic] - CMS2CMS

Wild Wild Web: ExpressionEngine vs. WordPress [+Infographic]

Some say that comparing two platforms is like comparing apples to oranges. Because different CMSs serve different purposes, and most of the time when you are determined in your website aims, it’s a piece-of-cake deal to choose the suitable platform.

Though, in ExpressionEngine vs. WordPress case, you may find yourself wondering the web pages in complete frustration while trying to get the ultimate conclusion. They do bear resemblance because they both are powerful CMSs, ready to serve as a business card for fashion blogger or enterprise white collar. But there can be only one sheriff best CMS, right?

So, let’s find out which platform wins and which will end up being in second place!


So, did the comparison help you out somehow? Looks like ExpressionEngine takes the lead in this race, don’t you think so? It’s not only user-friendly but also vigorous CMS. WP wins in SEO battle and has a huge community out there. While ExpressionEngine lacks some of the essential features to be titled “the best of the best”.

All in all, if you wish to change your current CMS and migrate all of the content from ExpressionEngine to WordPress, try out CMS2CMS, an automated website, and forum migration service.  Run free Demo first to check how your refreshed site performs on a new platform. I bet you’ll be stunned with the results!

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