Why 60 Million Sites Choose WordPress?

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If you’re asking yourself what is WordPress and why so much fuss over it, we’ll attempt to satisfy your interest in this post.

Simply, WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system all over the globe. This is not just a biased opinion of a fan. And 60 million WP based sites must be a good ground for making conclusions.The figures are quite objective research data.

So, let’s take a closer look at this platform to understand (or at least try to) its secret.

1. For blogs and business websites

WordPress was born a platform for blogging, which supposed it to be mostly used for publishing content to websites. However, it has rapidly evolved into a rich content management system.  Now, WordPress allows creating websites from small business presentations to big media resources.

2. Open source + free

What can be more better than obtain a ready-made solution for building a website for no charge? Moreover, due to the open source character, everyone is free to modify it according to one’s own taste. Tempting, isn’t it?

3. So easy to start

WordPress cms caters for millions of users who desire to start their own website or blog, but are reluctant to put in too much efforts. You have no idea what PHP is? Looking for hosting is not an option? WordPress takes care of it.

Provided you’ve got Internet connection and a browser, your website will be ready to go from scratch!

4. Very user-friendly

With WP updating your info, publishing posts, getting in touch with your subscribers and responding to comments are easy to learn. Even with no HTML knowledge, the WYSIWYG editor makes it possible. WordPress interface is maximum intuitive, so you’ll master the art of managing your site within minutes.

5. Easily adaptable

Even if you’re not a renowned web-designer, you’ll be able to customize your site look, change themes and integrate lots of useful features with a few mouse clicks. Numerous modules and plugins for WordPress can extend the site with forum, guest book, newsletters, RSS and even ecommerce functionality. Plus the installation will take neither much time or effort.

6. Excellent SEO.

A great advantage of WP is that it possesses great SEO features out-of the box. It means, your site will be better visible in serps. Moreover, WP offers plugins for creating permalinks, pinging and SMM to popularise your blog or business website.

7. Great Community&Support

You’ll be able to find advice on literally every topic concerning WordPress due to official support available. Plus, there exist multiple blogs, newsletters and articles presenting all kinds of tips and tricks as well as extensions to improve and update your site.

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