In the world of technology, people are constantly looking for new tools, new opportunities, better options. When it comes to forum boards, there is a considerable number of alternatives and the topic of vBulletin to bbPress converter has always been among the top.

Thus, those who have already made their minds will find this post useful, as it covers the most important theme ever: how to migrate vBulletin to bbPress.

vBulletin Overview

vBulletin is a paid script, designed as a bulletin board. This platform enables its users to build up their own community in no time. vBulletin is rather easy to use and provides official documentation for each version of the product, community forum, blogs, groups of developers and users, etc. In other words, it is pretty simple to find assistance whenever you need it.

vBulletin forum board is packed with a huge number of options to make your forum meet your specific needs. However, all the bells and whistles of the platform have their price. Being a commercial software – vBulletin is becoming less popular and many users are leaving it in favor of free, but powerful bbPress.

Basics of bbPress

bbPress is one of the leaders in the forum boards league. bbPress is a WordPress younger brother, who inherits most of its features. This forum board supports both flat and threaded types of discussion. bbPress comes with a user-friendly interface and there is no need to have in-depth coding knowledge to maintain this bulletin board. And the best thing about bbPress is that it’s free!

vBulletin to bbPress Converter: Presentation

So, now it’s time for the best part, to check out the presentation on vBulletin to bbPress converter. You’ll discover the step-by-step instruction on the forum conversion and learn that it is a really simple process to move a vBulletin forum board to bbPress.

That’s It

Now, you know how simple it is to migrate vBulletin to bbPress. Provide your community with an advanced solution by using CMS2CMS, website, and forum migration service.