Switching from Blogger to WordPress: the Fastest and Simplest Way - CMS2CMS
Switching from Blogger to WordPress: the Fastest and Simplest Way - CMS2CMS

Switching from Blogger to WordPress: the Fastest and Simplest Way

You are running a blog but are fed up with its look and want it to have more functions. “What is the fastest way to breath a new life into my blog?” If you opened this post, then you must have already decided to move over from Blogger to WordPress.

Throughout the history of mankind, everything ends up into two forms: friends and foes, day and night, heaven and hell, men and women, life and death and this list can be endless… One either supports the other or opposes the other based on its nature and form.

Wait, are we studying science here?” Of course not! What I wanted to prove from the above examples is that coexistence is also a necessity to support the humanity. Same happens in the world of technology. While Blogger and WordPress are seen as giant competitors in blogging platforms, they both execute their functions a little differently and excel at what they are.

Blogger and WordPress? What Are the Differences?

Note: Those of you already aware with this may skip this section and go ahead to the next one.

Blogger is easy to setup but it doesn’t look much professional since the features are limited and more controlled. But the good thing is… managing a BlogSpot blog is just like managing your Facebook account.

If you are using blogger for name and fame then it is not the right choice as it has limited search engine visibility and provides you limited features.

WordPress is great for beginners who want to start their own personal blog. Because there is no need to download any software or plugin or themes and absolutely no coding skills are required and it also gives you better search engine visibility with the help of some features.

You have to install WordPress on your server and then manage all the activities from the dashboard that has been provided. This involves a bit technical knowledge but it’s manageable.

Switching from Blogger to WordPress

At last, we moved to the most interesting part of this post – switching from Blogger to WordPress. In the following infographic, you will find an All-in-One tutorial for a super-fast and fully automated Blogger to WordPress migration.

Have you tried an easier way to migrate your Blogger to WordPress? I guess not. So don’t waste a minute anymore and start your journey to the successful blogging activity right now!

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