Running a Website Gets Easier with Improved ExpressionEngine Migration

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Improved ExpressionEngine Migration

Everyone strives for perfection. CMS2CMS is not an exception and today we are happy to present improved ExpressionEngine migration. 🥳🥳🥳

Although the automated data migration from ExpressionEngine CMS was added to the supported platforms list long ago, we made some upgrades. Lots of additional entities were added to the migration process within improved ExpressionEngine Migration. 

Our CMS2CMS team wants you to make minimum efforts to the migration process and get a maximum result from it. That’s why, from now on all the following entities will be automatedly transferred from your ExpressionEngine website to a new one:

  • YouTube and Vimeo Video;
  • SoundCloud and Bandcamp Audio;
  • Custom Fields (like text, date, email address, files, checkboxes, etc.);
  • Images along with their caption and description;
  • Ability to map content before the migration.

Still doubt that automated website migration is the best solution? You’d better start Free Trial right now, and just in a matter of minutes, all your ExpressionEngine content will be safely moved to another CMS.

Hurry up as far as only early bird gets warm! 😉

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