phpBB vs bbPress. All the WHYs and HOWs of Successful Migration

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If you find yourself battling to decide between phpBB and bbPress – you’ve got to the right way. The article aims to provide you with all the ins and outs of both forum boards for you to make the right choice, and therefore enhance your online presence.

Discussion boards have become an integral tool with which to stay in touch and to have online interaction between you and your sites visitors. Used properly, they can replace the benefits of face-to-face interaction allowing users to collaborate online. Among dozens of forum boards available online – phpBB and bbPress are one the most widely used applications targeted at adding interactivity to a personal or corporate webpages. Despite the fact that their primary goals are pretty similar – the routes they both take to achieve that goal is quite different.

phpBB is the abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board. Just as the name suggests, it is written in the PHP scripting language and therefore is considered to be mostly developer-oriented software. Despite the fact that it is extremely efficient and fast to work with – to master and operate phpBB is not a simple one-click affair. Users with little to no technical experience usually find it hard to get comfortable to how it works and consequently get full advantage of it.

Wish a good-looking and highly-interactive forum software? bbPress – is a worthy option to evaluate. It offers much more bells and whistles to its followers comparing to phpBB and is less complicated from the user’s perspective.The core features that make bbPress unique are:

  • simplicity;
  • integration with WordPress;
  • a wide range of free plugins;
  • strong security and SEO capabilities;
  • active and thriving forum-based support.

In a nutshell, bbPress has leapfrogged ahead of phpBB, proving a great platform for online interaction for millions of users all over the globe.

Thinking of getting to bbPress? Discover how to go through the conversion process as seamless as possible with the infographic provided below.

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