We are pleased to announce we have released a new WordPress Migration update that helps ‘migrators’ convert content data and images into the new WordPress blocks. It is important to note that this is not the first conjuring of the ‘blocks’ approach. We have seen the model wonderfully executed by Beaver Builder, Elementor, and WP Bakery. The web is moving to ‘blocks’ – clearly. And WordPress will flourish further in this direction. It’s so inclusive! Web blocks just make sense, on every technical and business level. They offer endless expansion and room feature flexibility whilst keeping at bay feature gaps because they can more easily be filled – ‘plugged’ in. Web blocks are not a new idea, but a great idea that has not been executed fully. Like end-to-end. And that is what blocks inside WordPress gives you, all in one platform. It is no wonder it dominates.

Now you can get into WordPress blocks faster with CMS2CMS

When migrating, or transferring, your website data from your current CMS to WordPress, our wizard will now auto-convert your website content data into the new standard – WordPress blocks.

Our latest update gives you great editorial flexibility within the new Twenty Twenty-Two WordPress theme.

Experience converting your website’s pages and posts and utilizing what the new WordPress editorial has to offer. Trust us, we have used a LOT of systems. None are perfect, but the more ‘headless’ your stack is – the better. 

Many CMS systems out there work in blocks now. All the modern ones are at the very least en-route fast. It’s natural and intuitive.

The standard WordPress blocks include:

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Images, YES, smooth and complete image transfer
  • HTML code block
CMS2CMS WordPress Migration converts your content into standard WordPress blocks.

Switch and swap to other available blocks and edit your pages and posts in the admin.

Try our free demo today and experience how easy you can edit your website content with WordPress blocks.