Movable Type to WordPress. WHYs and HOWs [Infographic]

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For the task of building a website, the decision between Movable Type and WordPress has always been pretty simple for the majority of users. Despite the fact that there are raving fans on both sides and both have tons to offer – WordPress wins the battle hands-down.

Easy to use, even easier to customize, and able to create a professionally-looking website in record time, WordPress and Movable Type represent the highest end of the open source CMS platforms. At some point Movable Type was WordPress’ opponent, but due to the licensing problems, it failed to keep pace with the fast-evolving WordPress. WordPress, contrastingly, encountered unbelievable increase in its popularity and for millions of users became a default choice when creating a website is on the horizon. Today it powers one of every 6 websites on the Internet, nearly 60 million in all, with 100,000 being built every day. So, let’s clarify those reasons that hold Movable Type back and make WordPress the platform of choice for millions of users all over the globe:

  • It is user-friendly (there’s no training required to take full advantage of WordPress);
  • It has an absolutely intuitive UI (even the greenest of users find it easy to work with the platform);
  • It provides a huge amount of plugins and extensions (that allow to extend a web project below its core functionality);
  • It has an unbeatable community of developers and enthusiasts (that offer a welcoming place to go in case you have any troubles);
  • It has strong SEO capabilities (being favoured by Google – WordPress helps to boost up traffic to a website).

If you’ve made the right choice between Movable Type and WordPress and are currently searching the way to make a switch across them – the infographic below has compiled all the necessary information required for flawless and straightforward migration:


What else are you thinking about? Catch this long-awaited chance and migrate to WordPress right now.

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