Migrating WordPress to Joomla: Be on Up and Save Your SEO - CMS2CMS
Migrating WordPress to Joomla: Be on Up and Save Your SEO - CMS2CMS

Migrating WordPress to Joomla: Be on Up and Save Your SEO

Nowadays, while speaking about the most popular and widespread CMS platform, undoubtedly, WordPress is referred to as No.1. It takes the great bulk of market share and is distinguished as the most user-friendly website building tool. And, perhaps, this feature helped this CMS software move forward. That is why simplicity makes WordPress the most popular content management system.

On the contrary, Joomla is denoted as more powerful website building tool that possesses more advanced functionality, multiple sites creation possibilities, and other tempting features. Just imagine Joomla website that is created with the master touch.  Thus, just a little Joomla practice and your website management dedication needed to make your site the perfect one.

Whatever brand is in trend, everything runs into the purposes and aims of your website idea. So, let’s go to the wilds of Joomla and WordPress in order to point out where Joomla wins.

What are WordPress Fortes?

As it was mentioned above, the major WordPress peculiarity is the ease of use. Having been expanded from a blogging platform to a content management system, it is simple to operate whether you are a beginner or a website expert.

While speaking about WordPress functional aspect, it counts so-called basic built-in management options as well as free and premium plugins on a paying basis. WP possesses SEO friendly qualities even if you don’t have such a plugin installed.

WordPress is considered to be the great solution for blogs or simple websites. But, in case you’d like to try something more advanced and extended, you’d better find something more robust.

What are Joomla Strengths?

While paralleling WordPress to Joomla, it’s said the latter is developed for more advanced and complex site development. For instance, Joomla allows to create networking communities, portals, intranets, complex website, and even online stores (by additional extension installation).

Undoubtedly, Joomla requires stronger programming knowledge and some website management experience in contrast to WordPress. But, on the other hand, Joomla makes compensation of the site performance aspect – it’s considered that this CMS platform provides your website with more professional website appearance.

Summing up, while comparing WordPress to Joomla, the last is the next stage of website development. It’s required just a little time to get used to Joomla, but then very soon, your website will convert into the improved and advanced web project, you have always dreamt about.

How to Switch from WordPress to Joomla?

Generally, three methods of website migration are distinguished: manual, expert, and automated website conversion. The detailed description of these migration methods you will find below, but now, I want to point out all the privileges of CMS2CMS automated website migration service.

CMS2CMS is one-of-its kind automated CMS migration solution that allows transferring website content from WordPress to Joomla quickly and flawlessly. This tool offers a whole set of migration benefits including:


  • Advanced Website Content Import
  • SEO Migration


In addition, CMS2CMS takes care about the minimum time spending of data conversion uppermost. Approximately, WordPress to Joomla migration takes 15 mins on average accordingly to the portion of your website items.

So, don’t hesitate any more, migrate your website from WordPress to Joomla with no hassle at all in just a few easy steps with CMS2CMS.

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