Migrate to WordPress.com - Take Your Website to a New Level!
Migrate to WordPress.com - Take Your Website to a New Level!

Migrate to WordPress.com – Take Your Website to a New Level!

The choice of a CMS platform is really an important thing. The functions it offers, the possibilities it provides and many other specialties – all of it depend on the CMS. In case you feel like your website could be much more successful, maybe you should migrate it to WordPress.com? Let’s start by identifying the main differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com


WordPress.com is a hosted service where you can set up a website or blog that runs on WordPress.

WordPress.org – here you can download a WordPress software to use on your own hosting account.


WordPress.com offers to get basic functionality with a free plan, but you’ll need the paid upgrades to take advantage of additional features.

WordPress.org is free software. But web hosting for your website does have yearly or monthly costs.



  • no plugins uploads allowed
  • no backend code, database or file access
  • no themes uploads; you can choose between the free and paid ones


  • you can upload your own plugins to extend the functionality
  • ability to customize all backend code, database, and files
  • you can upload your own free, premium and custom themes 


WordPress.com using the free plan you’ll see a subdomain. It will look like “yourwebsite.wordpress.com”. You can customize it using a paid plan.

WordPress.org lets you create a custom domain name of your website URL. It will look like “yourwebsite.com”

Are you interested? In case you have a website created on a CMS platform that doesn’t meet your needs anymore, CMS2CMS is your solution! Using this service you can migrate all of your content and data from your CMS to WordPress.com, or WordPress in a few clicks! So let’s check how the migration process works!

How to migrate to WordPress.com

  1. Registration
    Create CMS2CMS account or log in
  2. Specify your current website details
    Select its CMS platform and enter the URL. Establish the connection and press the ‘Verify Connection’ button
    (Note: establishing the connection to the website depends on your current CMS)2
  3. Enter the new website details
    Select WordPress.com CMS and provide its URL. After that press ‘Authorize WordPress.com’. Log in or Approve.3
  4. Select the Entities and Additional options4
  5. Press the’ Start Free Demo Migration’ button!
  6. Check out the result in the table and complete full migration!5


That’s it! Just like we said, the migration with CMS2CMS is quick and easy! Remember that you can migrate to WordPress too!

Start free demo migration right now and breathe the new life into your website!

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Avoid the pain of manual data migration