Long-awaited Kiddo: bbPress Joined the CMS2CMS Team

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Long-awaited Kiddo: bbPress Joined the CMS2CMS Team

Here’s some hot news CMS2CMS is ready to share with you: bbPress joined the forum cavalry in supported platforms section! From now on you can move your current forum board to bbPress within an automated migration process.

You’ve waited not in vain, because no tedious software installation, no manual copy-pasting and no coding is required to get a renewed forum in a couple of minutes. You know, if a word “dream” had a synonym, it would be “bbPress automated migration.” Let’s see closer what we deal with during the switching process itself.

The entities you can add to the migration list:

  • Users: including user’s bookmarks and custom fields
  • Pages
  • Forum/categories
  • Forum Topics
  • Forum Posts
  • Comments
  • Images
  • Links
  • Attachments

Additional options to choose from:

  • topic tags
  • watchers
  • 301 redirect
  • meta data

Is that Christmas again? It seems that we didn’t receive such presents since 25 of December. Anyway, in case you are ready to evolve with the online world simultaneously, don’t hesitate and migrate to bbPress straight ahead! Just like for any CMS or forum platform there is a free Demo available to run, before moving your website for good.

Try us free!
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