How incredibly inspiring it is to get positive feedback about our service by our clients! It is still more rewarding to know that we’ve been not only an assistance with migration, but also saved someone’s time and nerves for more pleasurable things. Today, a person featured in our success story is Andrew Bouldin, who represents, “travel website for college students by college students.”

As a preface, we can’t help putting in our two cents worth and telling you that Andrew needed to migrate from Drupal to WordPress, which is not easy to do without certain programming knowledge. The thing is, apart from CMS2CMS, there are mostly custom scripts available for the purpose. But let us give the floor to Andrew now and see how he coped with this task.

Andrew, what problem did you solve using our service?
I had no idea of how to move from Drupal to WordPress. I personally hated Drupal and think that WP is a lot easier to use. I would have been completely lost for the transition without CMS2CMS!

Please specify why you chose CMS2CMS?
Help for the specific issue of the transition from Drupal to WP.

What did you like most about the migration using our tool?
It was great, prompt, and very professional.

What’s the major value of CMS2CMS, in your opinion?
Dealing with what would be a messy technical process and making it easy.

Who would you recommend our web service to?
Anyone who wants to switch your CMS. Your time is worth way more than what CMS2CMS is charging.

Andrew, thanks a lot to you for leaving a word for us! May your online project extend and reach all the goals you set for it!

We’d also like to encourage our every client to share their migration stories with the whole CMS2CMS audience, make suggestions or ask questions – it’s the great way to help us make the service meet all your requirements and even more!