How To Convert Drupal to WordPress Site Like a Pro: A Few Easy Steps - CMS2CMS
How To Convert Drupal to WordPress Site Like a Pro: A Few Easy Steps - CMS2CMS

How To Convert Drupal to WordPress Site Like a Pro: A Few Easy Steps

Running a website or blog is an essential part of any business or personal representation among the Wide World Web. CMS platforms are aimed to help with database management, but it’s easy to get confused with choosing the right one. Drupal and WordPress are considered as the most powerful and popular website builders, despite the different building and functionality.

Changing a current CMS might be a hard-to-make, but a needed decision. The reasons why people tend to do a website transfer can be various, so we won’t dwell on the question what makes WordPress a leader among other CMSs. Let’s consider the ways how to convert Drupal to WordPress and feel yourself a professional.

The system path knowledge, content prioritization, redirects creation, attention to hyperlinks and a lot of manual work require a mix of technical skills and proficiency. The non-professional user can give a chance for figuring out the FAQs and tips recommended for specific content management systems. Alternatively hiring the tech engineer(s) can be a solution too.

The automated solutions are designed to quickly and easily port a website’s content from one CMS to another with the help of built-in scripts. That allows you to do a quick and effective way to convert Drupal to WordPress website by yourself.

Are you ready to do a professional CMS transfer with the help of an automated migration service? Follow the guide and catch useful tips!


Website migration can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Setting a goal of intuitive and straightforward migration, CMS2CMS is always trying to make the website migration easy and fast. So, don’t wait up and try a Free Demo migration to set your website up and get it going right now!

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