Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website [+Infographic]

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Many still think of WordPress as a tool for amateurs and hobbyists. To set the record straight, the post presents an infographic aiming to demonstrate the benefits of WordPress as a CMS.

Many of you have definitely heard of WordPress – the biggest and best known blogging tool out there. Started in 2003 as a basic and dependable CMS for blogging but not much else, the platform has grown in less than a decade to become the largest and most talked-about CMS platform in the world. Currently it is used by millions of sites with thousands of new being built every day.

However, fewer people are aware that it is not only a perfect blogging tool, but also an excellent CMS system. Truth be told, the platform has managed to earn the love and loyalty of large communities all over the world due to its versatility. Not only do tiny small to medium enterprises use it to settle their web projects on, but so do large corporations. Besides, such plugins as WooCommerce or WP eCommerce allow to transform a WordPress-powered website into thoroughbred eCommerce store.


Whether you have already created a website or are planning on creating a website, there are many reasons for using WordPress. The infographic presented below (which was designed by WPWebsitesDone4U) is focused at the most prominent benefits of using the platform for your website.


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