CMS2CMS team is happy to announce the automated Joomla Kunena migration support! From now on you are able to migrate all your content FROM or TO Joomla Kunena forum board completely automatedly.

Got interested?

Below are listed the entities which you can migrate from or to Joomla Kunena using CMS2CMS, the automated migration service:

  • Users along with users’ avatars;
  • Forums;
  • Forum topics;
  • Forum posts with images, attachments and links included.

CMS2CMS service also provide the automated migration of the following options:

(P.S. Don’t forget to tick them while the migration process)

  • Forum polls;
  • Forum icons;
  • Forum watchers;
  • Forum smiles.

Do not waste a minute anymore! Start Free Demo migration and let your Joomla Kunena migration begin!