We at CMS2CMS are happy for every satisfied client, to whom our service was of help. Seeing the number of migrations grow, we know that more and more customers are enjoying their new websites and that our work is not in vain. However, how pleasurable it is to read the words of appreciation from our customers that prove we are moving in the right direction.

Kprod, a website association from Geneva, which specialises on web development and design with a noble mission to help low budget associations, used our service for their Joomla website upgrade and we’re pleased to share their story today, this time – in the form of a short interview.

What problem did you solve using CMS2CMS?
I wanted to import users (300) from an old joomla website (1.7) to a new one (2.5) but the database migration was not correct and had bugs. I used cms2cms and all the content of my old website was migrated in 2 mins, correctly this time. Great application!

Since Kprod is an expert company in website development, they surely know all possible ways of website migration, so we asked why CMS2CMS was their final choice for their Joomla migration.

Please specify the reason why you chose CMS2CMS:
I chose cms2cms because I often have troubles with database during migration…This time all was perfect.

What did you like most about CMS2CMS?
It’s very simple to use and it’s very fast..incredibly fast.

What is the major value of CMS2CMS, in your opinion?
Simplicity and price.

Who would you recommend CMS2CMS to?
CMS users and webmasters…

It’s hard to express how highly we value this recognition and are thankful to Kprod association for telling us their story. We wish them good luck with their work. It would also be a great pleasure for us to hear from you, whether about your migration experience, ideas or suggestions on the service, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your thoughts with us!