Wix To WordPress

Avoid the pain of manual data migration. Move website content from Wix to WordPress and save heaps of time and money on your projects.

15 Minutes Wix Migration

On average, it takes only a quarter of an hour to get your website moved

100% Data Security

CMS2CMS guarantees the total security of your data transfer.

Step-By-Step Wizard

Move your content to a new platform in just a handful of clicks.

What Can Be Moved from Wix to WordPress?



Static website content e.g. About, Services, Portfolio etc.. pages

Media Files

Migrate Media files and attachmetns e.g images, PDF files, mp3, videos etc.


Preserve Page and Posts Metadata. Meta title & description migration.**


Migrate blog articles and posts. Preserve comments and Metadata.


Tags corresponding to certain posts of the source website.

301 redirects

Automatedly redirect your previous URLs to the new ones to keep your SEO.


Preserve Menu items belonging to: Articles, Users manager, Search.


Preserve Pages and Posts URL structure when migrating to new CMS**


“Excellent customer service and the process is extremely easy! I’m an experienced developer and have migrated hundreds of sites, mostly manually. They made migrating from Wix to WordPress extremely easy and saved us a ton of time, and by extension, money. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone and we’ll be using it again in the future. Tania was very helpful in finalizing out migration issues.​”

Dan - USA

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I Don’t Have A New Website Live Yet. Can I Try Data Migration With CMS2CMS?
Yes, absolutely! You can use our test site and import your data when your new site is ready.
How long does the migration take?

Our average data migration time is 15 – 30 minutes depending on the size and system of your website.

Can I migrate from my local environment?

No, both FROM and TO CMS websites must be live and publicly accessible during the migration process, as we only look at publicly available data per our own terms.

Will anything happen to my website during the migration?

No! Your current website will remain as is during the migration process.

Will my website design and template migrate?

CMS2CMS Automated Website Migrations migrates all data. NOT design. Design, themes and templates are not migrated.

Do you migrate e-commerce sites?

CMS2CMS does not support e-Commerce migrations.

Do you have Support Service?

Yes. The CMS2CMS Support team is happy to consider all questions and Support Requests. We offer a range of Support Levels.


CMS2CMS does not suport all extentions and plugins. Please contact our support team for assistance.