Connection bridge file is a special gateway used to gain access to the data from your Source and Target websites and allow data interaction between them.

To install the connection bridge, initiate your Migration setup. After you have specified your Source and Target websites, you’ll be asked to download and install Connection Bridge.

Follow these steps or watch the video tutorial with instructions on how to install connection bridge on your websites.

  1. The first step is to click “Download Bridge” button and save the file to your local computer. It will be saved as zip file containing cms2cms folder.
  2. Extract the cms2cms folder from the zip file.
  3. Now, connect to your Source and Target Websites via FTP with the help of any type of FTP client software, e.g. WinSCP, FileFTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, etc.
  4. Within the FTP client, copy the cms2cms folder extracted from the Connection Bridge zip file and insert it into the root folder (top folder with the index.php file) of both your Source and Target CMS websites.
  5. Check whether the Connection Bridge file has been installed correctly. Simply enter http://[your site URL]/cms2cms/bridge.php within your browser address line. If you see ‘Bridge successfully installed' message – it means your bridge is working correctly.
  6. Now you can go back to your Migration Wizard and press ‘Verify Connection to your Sites” button.