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What is the CMS2CMS Connector Application and how to Install it on Weebly?

CMS2CMS Connector Application is designed to establish the connection between your Weebly website and CMS2CMS service for further process. In order to install the CMS2CMS Connector Application, you need to initiate your Migration setup. After you have specified the Your Current Weebly CMS and URL of your Existing Weebly site, you’ll be asked to download the CMS2CMS Connector Application. Please follow this step-by-step instruction on how to download and install the Connector Application on your Weebly site.


1. Please select Weebly as your Current CMS and specify URL of your Existing Weebly site. Then you’ll be asked to visit the Weebly App Center to install the CMS2CMS Connector Application.



2. By clicking the “Visit Weebly App Center” button, you will be redirected to the CMS2CMS Connector page at the App Center. There you have to add the application to Your Weebly website by pressing the “Add” button.

CMS2CMS Connector

3. Your next step will be to press the “Connect” button for the successful connection to your Weebly website. After that, you will be redirected to the Migration Wizard to proceed with your migration.

CMS2CMS Connector