A move to a new CMS is a great chance to tidy the website content, remove the clutter and possibly present things in a better way. Despite all the advantages associated with content migration – it is still not a like undertaking that most folks prefer to avoid. Still stick with the old CMS solution that needs to be changed by more sophisticated one? We would like to meet you halfway and present the solution to the problem.


Site migrations occur now and again, and for many reasons it has become the endeavour that many site owners do not feel very comfortable with. Generally, the task is tedious and requires vast amounts of resources to be done properly.

To get around the problem, website owners have several ways of moving content at their disposal. It usually boils down to the following:

  • manual (copy/pasting every piece of content),
  • assisted (when you get the job done by an expert)
  • automated (with the help of online converters).


In case someone (let us imagine a housewife with curlers in her hair or an average office worker with no stellar programming experience behind) is looking to run the blog more professionally – automated way of content migration might be an optimal choice. Automating the process of data migration saves thousands of man hours allowing website owners concentrate on business running instead of taking care of migration hassles. It involves little to no manual effort, slashing the time and resources needed by the migration significantly.

CMS2CMS automated migration service has revolutionized the way automated migration is performed. This online tool has been specifically designed to facilitate and simplify the process of CMS and forum data migration.

The migration process with CMS2CMS is clear and straightforward. To initiate it, your source and target CMS websites should be set up. Then, it is necessary to grant access to the websites’ data by downloading connection bridge files – and that’s it. Your new website will be ready to go in a few moments.

Started as the migration tool for only several most popular and talked-about platforms, CMS2CMS service has evolved into fully-fledged content migrator allowing to switch from any kind of CMS available out there. There is a laundry list of software packages that are currently supported by our service. A wide range of content types can easily be imported to the new platform as closely as possible. Here’s just a few of them:


Besides, there are some CMSs that are partially supported by the tool, and only a limited amount of content (pages, content images, internal links, etc.) can be converted from them.

With a punch-line of the most user-friendly converter, CMS2CMS automated migration service tries its best to constantly improve its service to be able to fulfill even the most forward-thinking expectations of clients.

Hopefully, the post has whetted your appetite to leave your current CMS in favour of more sophisticated one and shown you a little how easy it can be done using CMS2CMS automated migration service. So, don’t wait up – try it now!