We’ve got the news we can’t be silent about! You wouldn’t believe, but CMS2CMS beats the record high again and again! One more successful migration that includes a great amount of entities!

Recently, we got a hard nut to proceed with – content migration from Drupal 6.2 to WordPress 3.5.1, with – just imagine, over 44.000 categories, 52 000 pages and almost 26.000 users. Honestly, it wasn’t so easy but we took the wheel and migrated content in half an hour breaking through all challenges!

This huge content migration is the great experience for our whole Team and a respectful proof of perfect data conversion for our customers. This is not the limit and we’re not going to stop here, looking forward to the new challenges and big migrations to handle!

CMS2CMS safely delivers all your website elements to the new platform in no time during the automated migration process. Try the Demo Migration for absolutely free to make sure that fast and speedy migration is actually real. Take total control of your website fortune with CMS2CMS!