How Much Does the CMS Migration Cost in 2017? Best of Services & Pricings Reviewed

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As the year is coming to an end, many of us are getting ready not only for the New Year’s celebration, but also for a new period of their lives. The beginning of the year is often a chance for many to start anew or start something new. If one of the points on your New Year’s resolutions list includes to finally get rid of your old CMS that keeps you from realizing your website plans, and migrate to a new, more progressive/functional/affordable/etc one, the post we’ve prepared today might come in handy.

You might have already looked up plugins and tools that cover content migration, which is much pain when done manually. Still, it is just one aspect of CMS migration, while other ones, like migrating extensions, template, custom post types etc remain “untouched”. In other words, to make your website fully functional and well-looking after the content has been ported over, there is much work left to be done.

So, we’ve researched services that can deal with these aspects and present their scope, pricing and timing to your attention.


Essentially, it is a SaaS solution, presenting automated migration of website content (posts, pages, categories, tags, users, comments, images, attachments). The exhaustive and detailed list of migrated entities varies depending on source and target CMSs.

Its key advantage is speed (from a few minutes to a couple of hours per migration depending on the volume of content to be moved) and user-friendliness. Basically, it takes very little time and almost no specific skills to set up and run your migration, which makes CMS2CMS a popular choice among website owners who don’t go deep into coding, and want to manage their site  on their own.

What makes CMS2CMS a viable option for webmasters is the scope. There are a lot of source-target combinations among N supported CMS and forum platforms, from leaders of the industry to not so popular ones.

Apart from moving content, CMS2CMS also helps preserve the SEO – juice by dealing with 301 redirects, migrating SEO aliases, building SEO-friendly URLs on the new site etc. These options are optional and paid additionally (no more than $5). Similarly, it is possible to move content between extensions, but you need to check this opportunity for each particular CMS direction.

For more sophisticated needs (like custom fields or custom post types migration, specific entities migration only etc.), CMS2CMS offers dedicated migration services for an extra fee.

How much it costs?

The price of content migration starts from $9, and can be estimated before the move using a migration calculator. Moreover, you can try it for free using a demo migration.

You can also purchase migration service packages ranging from $299 to $699, which cover migration preparation, customization, setup, validation etc. Since such service requires human interaction, it will take more time than automated migration.

Disclaimer: It is CMS2CMS team who prepared this research, but we did our best to stay unbiased and present objective data.


gConverter specialises in CMS and forum migrations and offers “semi-handmade conversions” (as opposed to software or automated tools) by a team of professionals. It supports 260 CMS and forum platforms, so there is a lot to choose from.

Essentially, there are a few migration options – Database (users, posts, pages, categories, comments) Theme and Full conversion, which let pick the level of services needed. Database conversion may also include advanced package, including metadata, images migration, permanent 301 redirects etc. gConverter is ready to handle all kinds of conversions and customizations upon your request.

The process looks like this – you place a service request – your site is reviewed within 1-6 hours and converted in the period from 24-48 hours to 4-7 days.

How much it costs?

Migration cost varies depending on the website size and source-target combination. The cost of database migration from Drupal to Joomla, for instance, starts from $225 for up to 500 pages and 5,000 users, and may include $25 for 301 redirects (optional). Theme conversion price ranges between $150 – 450. Migrating plugins data comes at extra cost, so you need to request a quote for an exact figure.


In case you’ve made up your mind to migrate to WordPress from another platform, MigrateToWP can be your choice (if your target platform is anything other than WP, move on to the next service on the list).

MigrateToWP offers custom migrations to WordPress by WordPress experts. The services include:

  • Content migration (posts, pages, categories, tags, comments etc) – the price starts from $949 and done during 3 to 4 days
  • Content migration + initial site setup (content and media files import/export to the WordPress server and basic website configuring including theme installation) – starting from $1900 and 7 days.
  • Full Content and Theme Migration/Design – if you need a turnkey solution, this is it – MigrateToWP takes care of every aspect of your move.  Be ready to pay at least $4500 and wait 14-21 days.

The process looks like this – after you place the service request, your site is analyzed and all your demands are taken into account resulting in a roadmap of your migration. Next, MigrateToWP move your data to a test site with your desired theme on their server as a kind of demo for your to check out. Once validated and paid for, the migration is completed on your WordPress installation and the results are verified.


This company can be helpful for CMS and forum migration, as well as moving between shopping cart platforms. Offering the migration between 160 content management systems, ProfProjects aims to cover the need of users with different skills levels – from beginners to experienced ones.

Correspondingly, there are three migration service plans:

  • Content migration (posts, pages, users, comments etc, including custom post types) – prices range between $150-500.
  • Content migration with extensions – apart content, includes plugin/extensions data move to the alternative plugin on the target CMS – $250-750.
  • Complete migration – includes the migration of content, extensions and template/theme – $500-1500.

As to the time period needed, after you provide access details for your website, content migration will reportedly take 6-12 hours, and template conversion – 3-5 days, but take into account the time needed for result validation, payment completion etc to estimate the approximate migration duration.


The CMS migration services presented here present a solution for moving to a new platform, and answer certain (or all) customization needs. Depending on what is currently most important to you – speed and affordability or high level of customization combined with higher financial and time investments, you can choose CMS2CMS or pick one of the companies providing custom migrations.

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