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MyBB to bbPress Migration Plugin

Transfer all of your data and content using MyBB to bbPress migration plugin! CMS2CMS offers the possibility to try Free Demo Migration and to check how it works!
What I Can Migrate with MyBB to bbPress Plugin

Supported Entities

Information about users along with user avatars


Categories corresponding to certain posts


Forum topics and treads with title, content, author and publishing date


Pictures contained in posts or topics


Forum posts and replies along with subject, content and publishing date


Preserved links


Additional Options

Forum Topic Watchers
To preserve topic watchers


After switching to the New forum platform, the forum users will be able to follow the topics they added to the watcher list before the migration.


Estimate Your Own Migration Price

To receive the most accurate calculation of your migration price, please indicate the exact amount of your current data.



I want to migrate:
Please Enter the Number of Forums
Please Enter the Number of Forums Topics
Please Enter the Number of Forums Posts
Please Enter the Number of Pages & Posts
Please Enter the Number of Users
Please Enter the Number of Comments
Please Enter the Number of Taxonomy

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Migration Price:
Design Price: $0
Total Price:

* This is an estimation only. The price of a full migration may change based on the wizard's calculation and chosen options.

How to install MyBB to bbPress migration plugin?

  • Download the MyBB to bbPress migration plugin
  • Upload it to your WordPress admin panel
  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Press ‘MyBB to bbPress’ at the Installed plugins menu
  • Register an account or sign in
  • Download Bridge and upload it to your MyBB site root folder. For more information, please click here
  • Establish the connection to your MyBB
  • Go back to the WP admin panel and specify the MyBB URL address
  • Select the entities and additional options you want to move
  • Start free demo migration and check the result
  • Complete your full migration!

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