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Who Can Become a Partner?

CMS2CMS is seeking to create mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with CMS platform vendors, web design and web development agencies, website hosting companies and independent consultants interested in delivering refined service to their customers and increasing their revenue.

CMS Platform Vendors

CMS2CMS Partner Program is beneficial for developers of both downloadable content management software and hosted CMS solutions!

Partnership with CMS2CMS helps you:

  • encourage prospects to migrate to your CMS by offering the ultimate migration tool
  • monitor the stats of conversion to your content management system
  • estimate the cost of attracting new client
  • calculate the average price of website migration to your CMS platform etc.

As a CMS2CMS Partner, you obtain up to\\xa050% discount coupon code.\\xa0Here’s how you can make the discount coupons work to your benefit:

Scenario #1:

You’re free to use the coupon codes in the following way:

  • expose them on your website, so that your potential clients had the migration tool at hand
  • promote migrations to your CMS for the decreased price
  • conduct the promotional email campaign with discount coupons included.

NOTE. You can restrict the coupon usage for migrations to your CMS only.

Scenario #2:

You can also distribute the discount coupon value to get both new clients and extra earnings:
Here’s an example of using your 50% discount:

  • provide your clients with a 25% discount to move to the CMS you develop.
  • receive 25% of the migration cost as a CMS2CMS Partner!

Choose what works best for you and you’ll certainly feel the advantages of being a CMS2CMS Partner!

Web Design & Development Agencies

If your company is an expert in website creation, web design and development, CMS2CMS Partner Program has much to offer you.

Numerous website owners are now looking to switch to a more powerful CMS platform to cater for the growing demands of their online project. And they want to make the migration as fast and secure as possible.

By becoming a CMS2CMS Official Partner, you get a great tool which saves your time for handling customer requests for website migrations. By using it, you deliver results to your clients much faster than your competitors do and get a huge competitive advantage! Consequently, your income grows and so does your business!

Here’s how it can work:

  • you define the migration price for your client
  • you get paid for the migration
  • CMS2CMS conducts the actual website migration for the discount price.

Website Hosting Companies

As a website hosting provider, you are an expert in improving the online presence of your clients. By partnering with CMS2CMS, you extend the scope of your services by offering a turnkey solution for website CMS switch.\\xa0This is a chance to attract new clients and leverage your business profits.

As a CMS2CMS Partner, you receive a personal discount of up to 50% for migrations.\\xa0This is a way you can use it:

  1. Let your clients perform migrations with CMS2CMS on their own by distributing the discount coupon codes of up to 50% (you define the value yourself) among them.
  2. Conduct the migration yourself, i.e. estimate the cost of migration and obtain the payment for it. Then let CMS2CMS handle the migration and provide you with top quality support at all times.

Independent Consultants

If you are an independent consultant, designer or an expert in the field of web development, CMS2CMS is looking to have you as an Official Partner!

You get an up to 50% lifetime discount for migrations with CMS2CMS service and can provide your clients with the best CMS switch experience possible, gaining praise, generating new leads and making more money!

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