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Website Migration. Options and Strategies

White Paper

It has to happen at least once in a career – you find yourself facing a big problem of dissatisfaction with your current CMS solution and the need to migrate to a new one. However, selecting the right CMS to house and manage your web project is only the first step — the real challenges arise while migrating content to your new CMS. Website migration can be an arduous and time-consuming endeavor that many folks in the CMS world tend to avoid. Contrastingly, it can be a liberating experience for those willing to take their current web project a step forward with a new CMS solution.

Website Migration. Options and Strategies handbook aims to provide you with a full walkthrough of the website conversion process and all the necessary information for you not to be scared of.

Specific Topics Include:

  • Ideal CMS
  • Content Migration Approaches
  • A Look at Automated Content Migration

Download this ebook and get ready to go through the migration process without ringing the bell of a developer!