Individual Data Migration Package

Individual Data Migration Package is designed to meet the most sophisticated website migration demands




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What’s included in Individual Data Migration Package:

  • You are able to entrust the whole process of migration as you see it to our team and obtain the desirable outcomes;
  • Our professional team will ensure that your migration procedure is working great;
  • In order to be informed and get the answers to your questions;
  • Before launching the migration, we examine your existing website, its configurations and hosting parameters, to make sure that your migration will work fine;
  • By providing our team the required access data, you’ll enable us to entirely set up the migration for you;
  • We will run Free Demo Migration in order to provide you with the opportunity to observe the fresh look of your new website. Once you agree on details and confirm the Complete Migration, we continue;
  • Our team will examine your database to ensure that all your data has been transferred from the existing to the new website accurately and in accordance to your requirements;
  • It is possible to re-migrate from the same existing website/forum board to the same new one within 21 days after the Complete Migration is finished.

The Final Price of Individual Data Migration Package Includes:

Technical Support

Migration Cost

Migration Assistance


How it Works

    • 1
      Specify the type of your existing CMS/forum board (it may be WiX, Blogger, TYPO3, vBulletin, Kunena, etc.).
    • 2
      Enter the URL of your current website/forum (e.g.
    • 3
      Choose new CMS platform/forum board (for instance, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, bbPress, phpBB, etc.).
    • 4
      Provide your site/forum access details, such as Admin Site URL, login, password.
    • 5
      Our team will perform Demo Migration of about 10 content pages to provide you with the possibility to observe the future look of your website/forum on a new CMS platform or forum board. After that, you will need to confirm the Complete Migration step so that we could proceed.

Please note

  • There’s no set price for the Individual Data Migration Package Package, because the final cost depends on the number of content your website has and on the customization needed to be done. Great news – you don’t need to pay for other related entities (users, images, internal links and comments) – they are transferred for free.
  • Our team will complete migration in 21 business days after verifying the access details. Notice, that the fulfillment date can be postponed in case the access details are invalid or incomplete;
  • If you don’t request any modifications for 30 days after our tech engineers validate the result of migration, the Package is considered to be successfully performed. After 30 days time is up, all customizations will be done for additional cost.

Let CMS2CMS team take care of your website/forum migration, while you are busy doing something else.

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