Basic Data Migration Package

Basic Data Migration Package is aimed at fulfilling your primary CMS/forum migration requirements




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What’s included in Basic Data Migration Package:

  • Along with all the content included here (pages, posts, articles, images, users, comments, anything you say);
  • If you have your own requirements on how, which and where a certain piece of data should be moved to, rely this task on us;
  • Our team of tech-engineers will be working 6 hours solely on your smooth data migration;
  • We complete the entire migration process in 7 business days after verifying access details;
  • Always informs you how your data migration process is going;
  • This means that our team will examine your existing website/forum, its configuration, database structure, data types and hosting parameters. This is done to ensure lossless data migration;
  • Our team will handle the entire migration process, the only thing you’ll need to do, is to provide necсessarry access details;
  • We will launch Demo Migration of 10 content pages and their related entities for you to check the migration results first;
  • To make sure the migration process went well and fine, our team investigates your website/forum database and checks whether every smallest content item is on its place;
  • In case you will need to perform re-migration we grant you the opportunity to request 1 re-migration from the same existing to the same new CMS platform/forum board during 7 days after we’ve completed the migration.

The Final Price of Basic Data Migration Package Includes:

Technical Support


Migration Cost


Migration Assistance




How it Works

    • 1
      Point out your existing CMS/forum type, the platform you want to migrate from (like WiX, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, bbPress, PhpBB etc.).
    • 2
      Then provide your existing website/forum URL from which you want migrate data (like,
    • 3
      Tell us to which CMS platform/forum board you’re going to migrate (like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, bbPress, PhpBB, etc.), providing your new website/forum URL.
    • 4
      To start migration process, we will need your existing and new websites/forum access details (Admin Site URL, Admin Login, Admin Password). Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone 😉 this info is strictly confidential.
    • 5
      The final step is that we perform Free Demo migration of 10 content pages to let you see the results first. If you give the green lights, we complete the entire migration process by copying all the data from your old website/forum to the new one.

Please note

  • If the number of pages migrated exceeds the limits of Basic Data Migration Package plan, you will be charged additionally for the extra pages.
  • We will complete migration in 7 business days after verifying access details. If it is not possible to access your website/forum due to wrong website/forum info or provided information isn’t enough to complete the order, our Support Team will contact you. Please note, in this case order fulfilment date will be postponed.
  • If you don’t request any modifications for 30 days after our tech engineers validate the result of migration, the Package is considered to be successfully performed. After 30 days time is up, all customizations will be done for additional cost.

Trust ‘cooking’ the entire CMS migration process to the hands of our CMS2CMS ‘master-chiefs’.

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