Why am I being charged VAT?

1. According to international rules, every CMS2CMS account refill is accompanied by tax collection. 

1.1. To be more specific, PayPro, the company handling taxes from CMS2CMS, collects VAT from Canada and European Union countries.
1.2. After each successful payment, PayPro is sending an invoice to the customers' email indicated on the order page.

2. For the European Union, VAT is collected according to the international rules of the VAT and then sent to the country the purchaser is from.

2.1. Every EU country has its specific VAT rates that can be seen after the country is chosen.
2.2. Fixed VAT is collected with each recurring payment. Here in the list where you can find more information about EU VAT rates for different countries of the European Union.

3. For NON-European Unionthe residences of the NON-EU countries, not included in the list, will not be charged VAT while refilling the CMS2CMS account.

4. For Canada, the GST/HST is collected and paid to the Government of Canada.

4.1. However, according to Canadian law, you can get compensation from the State by providing GST number of the company receiving the payment, i.e. CMS2CMS.
4.2. Please, contact our support team to request the GST number.

5. You do not need to pay VAT if you are a business with a valid VAT ID.

5.1 In all European countries, the introduction of a valid VAT number on the checkout for business purchases will exempt the client from paying tax. Find out how to avoid paying VAT.
5.2. However, if you have paid the VAT, provide us with your valid VAT ID and our accounting department will refund you the VAT. Private individuals cannot have VAT refunded.

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