What is the difference between Reseller and Affiliate?

Reseller uses CMS2CMS to migrate websites for clients and receives personal discount for migrations (up to 30%).

If you are a CMS platforms vendor, web design or development agency, a freelance web designer or developer, a Reseller program is the best option for you. You will be able to add the migration to your list of provided services and offer a complex solution to your clients (for example, website migration+design+customisation). Plus, the more migrations your perform from your account, the bigger is your discount. Learn more about CMS2CMS Reseller Program.

Affiliate doesn’t perform migrations himself or herself and only refers visitors to CMS2CMS website (for example, by placing a banner or a referral link on their website). An affiliate gets 20% commission out of each migration performed by his/her reference.

Becoming an affiliate would be most beneficial for bloggers or website owners whose sites get a lot of traffic. They can expose information about the automated migration on their websites and thus generate many leads.  More information about CMS2CMS Affiliate Program.

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