Site is already connected by another account

Each CMS2CMS user has the unique key which can be found in the Bridge folder after downloading. So, the key of user A is different from the key of user B. If you have downloaded a bridge using one account (A), but try to migrate with this bridge via another account (B), you get this error.

Depending on the way you are connecting to your website, there are different methods to fix the issue:

  • If you use Connection Bridge installation -¬†download the bridge via the account you are going to use for migration or log in to the account you used previously to download the Bridge file.

  • If you use Connector Plugin / Connector Extension installation -¬†go to your WordPress / Joomla admin panel, find CMS2CMS Connector Plugin and re-login to your CMS2CMS account you are going to use for the migration.

After that, press "Verify Connection" button.

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