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How to restore the Dump file?

There are two ways of Dump Restoring ahead of view:

1. using phpMyAdmin

2. using MySQL commands

phpMyAdmin is a program that allows to manipulate databases remotely through a web interface.

You can find the final version here. If you follow the steps below, you should restore the database dump effortlessly:

1. To initiate the dump restoring – login to phpMyAdmin.


2. When clicked Databases – select the one you will be importing your data into.


3. When finished, you will see either a list of tables already inside that database or a screen that says no tables exist. That depends on your setup.


4. Click the Import tab at the top of your screen. To proceed with the restoring – press Browse button next to the text file box.


5. Locate the backup file stored on your computer. Make sure SQL is selected in the Format drop-down menu.


6. Finish the process by activating “Go” button.


To restore the database dump using MySQL – the following steps will take you through the process accurately and precisely:

  1. Unzip your file
  2. Put the backed-up SQL back into MySQL
  3. Enter your mySQL password: (enter password)


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