To migrate data from Classic Google Sites, you need to authorize your Google Site. For this, please, provide Site Name and G Suite Domain, if you have one. In case, you don’t have a G Suite Domain, leave the field empty.

Site name is a webspace name of your site,
e.g. –

G Suite Domain is the domain of your G Suite hosted domain,

After that, you have to authorize your website and choose the account which has access to Classic Google Sites.

That’s basically it with Classic Google Site Authorization. To proceed with the data migration, 3 simple steps are left.

1. Choose what CMS platform you want to migrate to, provide its URL address and establish the connection to the site.

2. Run Free Demo migration to preview the migration result. Here you can also map the content and choose the way you want Google Sites data to be displayed on a new website.

3. Finish moving content from Classic Google Sites and consider Design Option.