Does CMS2CMS migrate template and design?

The answer is both "yes" and "no".

CMS2CMS service doesn't migrate templates or design. But we can reproduce the design of your website after its migration to WordPress.

Please, note:

  • right now this service is available only for users, performed the content migration to WordPress;
  • our designer team will try to replicate the design of your website as accurate as it's possible, but due to the peculiarities of CMS platforms, some elements still can be slightly different;
  • setting a custom design for a website is a time-consuming process and demands creativity, so if you want everything looks attractive, please be ready that our team will need some time to investigate all the subtleties of your website.

    How does it work?

    1. You perform the migration of your current website to WordPress (in case you don't have a new WordPress website created, you can use CMS2CMS test site).

    2. Right after the migration is finished, you are given an option to order a Design Service.

    3. You will see the Design Packages, there are a lot of different customizations available, check the plans offered, and select the most suitable one.

    4. In case, you have some more requirements which are not included in the checklist, please, mention them in the Comment Section.

    design plans cms2cms

    5.  Finish your order and provide our designer team with the access details of your newly-migrated website.

    6. After a short investigation, our designer team will be ready to sound the approximate time for completing your order.

    Check this detailed tutorial if you want more information regarding the design order option, or contact our account managers for more information.

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