You’ll Be Spoiled for Choice with CMS2CMS [New Options to Choose from]

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You’ll Be Spoiled for Choice with CMS2CMS [New Options to Choose from]_ Connector Plugin/Extension

Are you ready for the breathtaking news? From now on the migration process with CMS2CMS service will be even easier than you can imagine!


CMS2CMS offers you the opportunity to choose between the installation of the Connector Plugin/Extension or the Connection Bridge.


The main difference between these two methods of setting up the connection is that the Connection Bridge file needs to be installed via FTP server, while the Connector Plugin/Extension has to be uploaded to your website through the admin panel.


CMS2CMS constantly improves its service and adds new migration features. With the current CMS2CMS Connector Plugin/Extension option, you are free to choose the method of the connection establishment which you are more comfortable with.


Now the website migration with CMS2CMS service is even more effortless, flawless and fast process than you could ever think of. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself! Set up your Free Demo Migration to observe new opportunities and breath new life to your new website right away!

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Valia is a vivid CMS platforms observer, that’s why she found her dream job of marketer manager at CMS2CMS migration service. Keen English learner, music lover and passionate content writer, she enjoys constant improvement and is open to challenges.
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